The Complete OTT/VOD Solution

MidnightStreamer is the perfect answer for the needs of the hospitality industry, OTT/VOD providers, youtubers, live game streamers...
It provides innovative technologies such as Direct Streaming, Server Side Adaptive Streaming, Custom Channels based on MPEG-TS feeds and much more.

Starting at only $109/Lifetime*
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Robust and Reliable Restreamer with ULTRA-Fast On-Demand

Transfer your panel easily

Transfer all your settings from your current panel to MidnighStreamer with ease. Streams and users will be imported with a single click. All you need is your current panel database backup file. In case you need assistance in the process our team is ready to help you.

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Server level protection

Your main server and LBs are protected against all major attacks, from DDoS (iptables based), XSS to CSRF. No need to buy extra plugins. MidnightStreamer includes all you need just out of the box.

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Best server technology

Only the best and most reliable server technology is used. Nginx and FFmpeg represent the core of MidnightStreamer. This is why you can reach record performance and archive unbelivable uptimes.

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$109 / Lifetime


$530 / Lifetime

Number of Streams Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
Live Streams, VOD, Radio
Transcoding System
MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP, UDP (unicast/multicast) Output
RTMP, UDP (unicast/multicast) Input
Zapping Time < 0.1 s < 0.1 s
Concurrent Connection limitation
Supporting All common streaming protocols (HTTP,RTMP,RTSP,RTP,UDP,MMS)
Powerful Logging, Statistics & Connection Logs & Client Speed
Direct Streaming Mode for Sources Without Prebuffer (HTTP & Multicast)
Enigma2 Bouquets Integration
MAG Devices Support (Stalker Portal Built In), Enigma2 Plugin, Android & iOS and others
Flussonic integration
Load Balancing ( Server Load Based, GeoIP Based, ISP Based ) -
TV Archive & Timeshift -
Message (Watermark) Sender -
Anti-Restreaming Function -
Create your Own Live Channels with recorded or live feeds -
Reseller Module -
Youtube/LiveStreamer/Twitch and many other video platforms -
Custom EPG -
ISP & Country Locking -
Mapping -
Powered By FFmpeg & Nginx
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You need a server with a high bandwidth connection
and a Linux distro like Ubuntu, Debian or Centos.
There isn't any particular hardware requirement to run the panel.
However if you plan to use a lot of delayed streams, we suggest you to use a server with plenty of RAM for temporary streams storage.
No. MidnightStreamer's admin area and streaming engine have been programmed from the ground up using the latest CodeIgniter PHP framework with performance and security in mind.
We do not store any customer data on our servers.
Our servers only store our customers' IP address used for licensing purposes.
Yes. If you buy a professional edition license having an existing starter or trial license you will get all the extra features unlocked instantly.
After reinstalling the panel, restore your database from the latest backup and you are up and running!
Keep in mind that we do not manage backups. You can configure your backups to be sent periodically as attachments to multiple emails.
You need a CPU/GPU with embeded hardware transcoding.
Intel CPUs with Quick Sync or Nvidia compatible GPUs can make you achieve superb results.
Of course.
If you have a particular requirement we can implement any customization you find usefull for your needs.
MidnightStreamer panel is ideal for hotels, hospitals, cruise ships since it provides stability and flexibility.
You can use the MidnightStreamer panel as a DVR for video recording (1h segments) or live preview with the comfort of watching your security camera channels with your favorite STB/player.

MidnightStreamer provides a free native Android app, a free Enigma2 plugin while you can play streams with any IOS player. There is a client area where your users can watch and search streams with any HTML5 browser.

MidnightStreamer Player 1.0 for Android


Free - no panel lock
List or tile view
Auto update EPG
Parental control
Send claim
Speed test to IPTV server
Message receiver from panel
Client status report
Optimized for Android TV
Compatible with all servers implementing MS player API

Enigma2 Plugin


Free - no panel lock
VOD / Series
Parental control
Catch-up from E2 bouquets
Send claim
Speed test to IPTV server
Message receiver from panel
Client status report
Remote STB management