Change Log:

Added: YouTube VOD links [core]
Changed: updated video.js to latest version
Fixed: VODs not working if panel updated from v4.8.9 [core]
Fixed: YouTube live links not working [core]
Fixed: streams not starting after database restore without restarting panel [core]
Fixed: SSIPTV and SmartOne not working on LG TVs [core]

28th Mar 2023

Change Log: Added: option to disable Flussonic token authentication [core]Changed: cron service is now stopped when restoring from backups [core]Changed: current admin directories are added to the old ones after backup is restored [core]Changed: improved panel update to make it more robust when updating from older panel versions [core]Fixed: ... Read More »

18th Mar 2023

Change Log:

Changed: improved caching performance [core]
Changed: cronjobs recreated when full-rebuild on LB is performed [admin]
Fixed: auto-backups not creating backups under particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: UI improvements and bugfixes [admin]


8th Mar 2023

Change Log:

Fixed: FFmpeg streams not starting under particular circumstances [core]
Fixed: minor UI fixes [admin]


2nd Mar 2023

Change Log:

Added: direct streaming continuous and on-demand mode setting
Added: direct streaming delay
Changed: improved direct streams start time in on-demand mode by 20% [core]
Changed: resellers dashboard messages converted to groups dashboard messages [admin]
Fixed: auto assign EPG for all streams not working [core]

25th Feb 2023

Change Log: Added: activation codes mass creationAdded: custom date / datetime format [admin]Changed: direct and on-demand streams can now be changed in mass edit streams without selecting LBs [admin]Changed: when creating lines and MAGs, non-reseller admins have to choose bouquets instead of subscription plansChanged: resellers can choose IP, UA ... Read More »

18th Feb 2023

Change Log:

Changed: Proxy Streams renamed to Direct Streams [admin]
Fixed: copy bouquets not working [admin]
Fixed: web player login
Fixed: streams list truncated in web player when EPG contains unclosed HTML tags

10th Feb 2023

Change Log:

Added: custom archive directory path
Changed: improved UI navigation for touch devices [admin]
Fixed: creating episodes from series page not working [admin]


5th Feb 2023

Change Log:

Changed: Stalker Portal and Ministra no longer use the panel API key for tmp links but a dedicated key instead (SYSTEM -> General Settings -> Stalker Key)
Fixed: category mass edit for streams and VODs not working [admin]


24th Jan 2023

Change Log:

Added: HTTP proxy for load balancers
Added: allow external PHP scripts option for LBs


20th Jan 2023