Change Log: Added: custom FFmpeg binary option for streams / VODs / custom channels / postersAdded: bouquet filter for streams / VODs / custom channels [admin]Added: option to interrupt database restore and migration [admin]Changed: default user agent is now set to "Mozilla/5.0" for streams, VODs and source probingChanged: custom channel feed ... Read More »

4th Nov 2023

Change Log: Added: command line tool (./toolbox) to retrieve access code, to restart panel services and to reset admin passwordAdded: option to change file server when mass editing VODs [admin]Changed: HLS is now the default muxer for streams and custom channels [admin]Changed: movies and episodes are now analyzed much faster [core]Changed: the ... Read More »

15th Oct 2023

Change Log: Added: option to set UI session timeout [admin]Added: option to force logout on UI session timeout [admin]Added: disallow 2nd IP connection optionAdded: migration from XC based panels from backup fileAdded: option to create new categories when importing from m3uFixed: Enigma service type is now set automatically to 4097 for radio ... Read More »

7th Oct 2023

Change Log: Added: output muxer option for live streams and custom channelsChanged: import tool now imports logo links too [core]Changed: line restriction are now checked immediately when clients open streams [core]Fixed: old custom channel segments were not deleted [core]Fixed: browser now does not wait for Letsencrypt to finish when forcing ... Read More »

1st Oct 2023

Change Log: Added: create multiline for resellers [admin]Added: confirmation on new / extend Line and MAG for resellers [admin]Changed: improved antidrop performance [core]Changed: when the main server is restarted the PID database table is now truncated [core]Fixed: online streams were occasionally displayed as inactive [admin] Read More »

21st Sep 2023

Change Log: Added: option to disable / enable portal, MS and XC player APIAdded: mass delete LinesAdded: multiple Lines creationAdded: purge cache toolChanged: now users are dropped on expire date even while watching [core]Fixed: incorrect m3u8 tvg-logo value when path is URL [core]Fixed: no-video didn't show for streams with bad source ... Read More »

16th Sep 2023

Change Log: Added: StbEmuTV support for iOS [core]Changed: EPG is now timeshifted in minutes and can be adjusted in the futureChanged: "Include All Tracks Found in Stream" default to Yes [admin]Changed: now logos path can be set by URLs and local filesChanged:  portal channel icons are now not protected by the player's MAC address (not all ... Read More »

9th Sep 2023

Change Log: Added: option to download backups from the admin UI [admin]Changed: improved HLS Proxy [core]Changed: "Include All Tracks Found in Stream" now includes all audio tracks. Now there is no need to select each individual audio track with Custom MAP [core]Changed: video/audio info is now shown immediately after stream info is available ... Read More »

11th Jul 2023

Change Log: Added: VOD subtitles font sizeChanged: improved Direct Streaming opening time (TS to TS) [core]Changed: now streams/VODs/Lines are searchable by ID [admin]Fixed: streams preserving the setting "Append Token to Redirected Response" when using Mass Edit and when Redirect was set to No [admin]Fixed: MAP search not working [admin]   Read More »

21st Jun 2023

Change Log: Added: Enigma2 Service Type option for streamsAdded: Radio Stream, Solution and Enigma2 Service Type options to custom channels [admin]Change: stream backups can now be ordered [admin]Change: cache is now immediately refreshed after mass edit [admin]Change: stream segment time can now be smaller than 10sFixed: potential VOD ... Read More »

14th Jun 2023